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lavender, oat and coconut milk bath biodegradable bag

CALM foaming milk bath

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A soothing, moisturizing coconut milk and colloidal oat bath to calm and repair dry, itchy skin. This is a foaming powder, with ground chamomile and lavender buds—think of it as a powdered bath bomb! Net wt. 10 oz in biodegradable bag. 

Ingredients: ground oats,* sodium bicarbonate, coconut milk,* citric acid,* chamomile powder,* lavender buds* and essential oil.*∞  *organic ∞local

Fill bath, hop in, then pour 1/2 cup into tub and let it fizz. Stir in any that settles on the bottom. Relax and enjoy your comforting, skin soothing aromatic soak! 20-30 minutes is ideal.