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All Verdant Wild products are lovingly and painstakingly handcrafted in small batches by founder Elizabeth (Liz) Hodges. Our nontoxic formulas, rooted in the time-honored tradition of herbalism, harness the healing powers of plants as simply as possible, using local, organic, sustainably wildcrafted and fair trade botanicals. The only animal products we use are raw beeswax and honey, sourced from local beekeepers. We are certified cruelty free through PETA Beauty Without Bunnies and use minimal, reusable and biodegradable packaging. No plastic containers here!

Verdant products are free of DEA (diethanolamine), MEA (monoethanolamine) TEA (triethanolamine), isopropyl alcohol, FD&C color pigments, fragrance/perfume/parfum, nano or micronized ingredients, palm oil, phthalates, PEG (polyethylene glycol), triclosan, urea, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and more.

When you purchase Verdant Wild, you are part of a growing, conscious movement to nourish our bodies and respect the earth while enjoying the bounty of gifts that the botanical world offers us. Your body and the Earth thank you, and so do we!