Harmonizing with the Seasons

Think for a moment of everything our bodies do for us. They are truly miraculous! Yet we so often ignore them or even direct negative attention towards them. But what if we chose to show our bodies how grateful we are for everything they do? Maybe then we could start viewing our own bodies in a positive light, no matter what phase of life we are in.

We can use the cycles of the earth as a guide for intuitive self care to ride the existing natural rhythms rather than working against them, and infuse our routines with creativity, intention and meaning to transform them into rituals of self love.

There are many powerful plants that can help support us, inside and out, through life's varied seasons. The following are just a few examples. 


Spring :: Waxing Moon :: Follicular :: Maiden

During this time of awakening and growth, herbs that support our body will be nourishing and gently stimulating. Nettles, dandelion greens, violet, chickweed, cleavers and plantain leaf are just a few of the wonderful plant allies that are abundant in nature during this period of transition from darkness into light.

Summer :: Full Moon :: Ovulatory :: Mother

At the peak of expansion, sunshine and high energy it can be hard to take it all in, and that's just what our wonderful summer plant friends can help us with. In overflowing gardens and bountiful wild places, we can find calendula, lemon balm, lavender, roses, peppermint and so much more to help us savor the moment.

Fall :: Waning Moon :: Luteal :: Crone

This season is about letting go, shedding layers and preparing for the womb of winter. As the process of decomposition begins, we recycle energy from what we no longer need. Roots such as gently detoxifying burdock, loaded with the prebiotic inulin, anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger help ease this transition.

Winter :: Dark/New Moon :: Menstrual :: Crone

Now is the time you'll appreciate having a well stocked apothecary! Nutrient rich, immune supporting herbs such as rose hips and elderberries, adaptogenic mushrooms and tulsi, antiviral yarrow and warming spices will help fortify your body through this dark period of introspection. Add in mugwort for dream work.


We still have some SPRING boxes available and you can sign up for our CSH (Community Supported Herbalism) program to receive one. It's a wonderful way to support your body's changing needs for each season.

In other news, we have some markets coming up! We will be at the Downtown Santa Cruz Makers Market on April 18th, and are participating in the Felton Farmers Market on Tuesdays from May 4th through the end of October. See our Events page for more info.

Shipping and packaging prices have gone up this year, so we are no longer able to offer free shipping on all orders. However, when you spend $50, you unlock free shipping. The silver lining here is that this has allowed us to keep most of our prices from going up, and even lower our local olive oil soap prices to $10 each: check out the spring lineup!

Every order still plants a tree in our national forests. Together we will plant 124 trees for the first quarter of 2021!

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