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yay! a non harsh serum

I really like this serum. I've tried other serums and they have always irritated my face. this one does not. it feels hydrating and firming on my skin. I use it in the morning after a spritz of balance toner and before restore facial oil and sunscreen. and at night after i wash my face before night cream. i let it fully sink in before i apply anything after.

Soothing Nourishment!

I have sensitive skin, and this is my go-to evening moisturizing treat for my face. It is the most calming and lovely cream I have found in all the senses: feels great, smells amazing, gorgeous color, smooth fluffy texture, etc. Love it for myself, and as a gift! Affordable compared to comparable creams, and better ingredients. I don’t like going without it, so I tend to subscribe!

Fantastic! Light, quickly absorbs, and such a grounding smell. I love it!

Life Changing

I first found this face was in a small shop in Vancouver, WA. I fell in love and HAD to have more. I have chronic cystic acne and this face wash has changed my life, and I now cannot live without it. Thank you ❤️

FRUIT lip & cheek tint
Liese Varenkamp
Fun Fruit & Lip Tint!

Loving my Fruit and Lip tints! Lasting coverage and what you need for a sunny day outdoors!

Great Serum

My skin has been feeling super hydrated since I started using this product. All of my flaky dry patches have disappeared!

True North is awesome

I have very dry, aging skin and True North keeps my skin feeling supple and hydrated all day. It is super thick and luxurious, a little goes a long way, and it smells lovely too.

Quench hydrating face cream

I love this cream! As a 65 year old golfer, my skin craves moisture after 4+ hours outdoors. The name of this moisturizer is perfect. And it smells wonderful!

BEESWAX lip balm
Coast Gurl
Wonderful BEESWAX Lip Balm!!

This is my new go to lip balm! It is so silky soft and the aroma(s) are naturally amazing. Love the packaging as well. YAY!!

It seems to be helping

It goes on after the carrot stuff and before my aloe stuff I use. They seem to blend well and my skin is happy and not heavy.


It’s been so long since I used a shower scrub in the shower, usually i’m just a soap gal. However, the product lives up very nicely … I love all the natural ingredients, and the texture is wonderful. You’ve got me, babe. What a wonderful product!

It’s a nice product that leaves my hair silky

FRESH shampoo bar
Denise Allen
This one's for you, Mother Earth

I hesitated to try the shampoo bar, but knew if Liz was making it, it would be a high quality product. I was motivated by wanting to do all I can to reduce waste. As expected, the shampoo bar has become a lovely experience; lathers right up, cleans well, and acts just like liquid shampoo -- but without the bottle. I'm now a believer.


I recently received Nectar in the spring equinox box. I didn’t expect to notice a differences but this makes my skin feel and look so much healthier. I use it with melt cleanser and true north moisturizer for deep hydration.

NOURISH facial grains
Briana Brewer
Love this face mask!

It smells amazing and makes my skin feel so silky! I take some time just for myself a few days a week to bathe without my baby and pamper myself with this mask…it really changes my relaxation routine from sub par to spa treatment instantly!

BEE CLEAN face wash
Briana Brewer
Bee Clean facial wash is amazing!

I have used this face wash now for more than 3 years! It doesn’t dry out the skin and removed just the right amount of grime and makeup residue with a pleasant odor and feel.
Have recommended to more than one friend!


I have a new nightly skincare routine ! I cleanse with melt, follow with nectar and finish with true north.. My skin has gotten drier with age and this combo is amazing.

MELT cleansing balm
Liese Varenkamp
Melt Cleansing Balm

This is what you love to clean your face with. Smooth and moisturizing and perfect for taking off makeup and the grime of the day! Love it!

AS YOU WISH wood wick soy candle

Love the texture!

I love the feel of this cream, it doesn't leave an oily residue and locks in moisture without feeling heavy!

QUENCH hydrating face cream
Mary kay Wilkinson
Self care

Quench is a product I gift to myself every month. I love the natural essential oil fragrance and the way my skin absorbs this wonderful facial lotion. A little goes a long way and I am worth it!

This serum is amazing!

I truly saw an instant difference in my skin after one application. At first I thought I didn’t like the gel like consistency and that it didn’t absorb as I expected it to, but I’m used to oil based products.
Then I looked in the mirror about a half hour later and noticed the most beautiful difference in my skin! I was literally glowing with a moist dewy complexion! It has become a daily part of my skin care routine and I’m ordering more!


wonderful scent that I spray all over!

works and skin friendly

this smells subtle but good, works great! and my sensitive skin likes it better than other natural deodorants I’ve used. and the obvious, cardboard for the earth win!

lael ambrose
Yummy deodorant

Verdant Wild deodorant smells gorgeous and actually works. It is a pleasure to apply every morning and makes me feel like I am pampering myself.