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love this night cream

Light and non greasy...feels hydrating, nice smell. I could use up the 1 ounce jar very quickly. Just wish it came in a bigger jar with more of it.

Beautiful oil with a fabulous scent. Leaves my hair feeling soft and scalp nourished. A sweet addition to my self-care routine.

My favorite

This is my favorite deodorant. Smells beautiful and works well. The compostable packaging is a huge draw as well.

RESTORE facial oil
Tessa White
Love this product!

I apply this oil every night before I go to bed to restore moisture and to eliminate the red in my face. I started using this product when my esthetician introduced it to me and I’m happy she did. I definitely notice a difference in how my face looks and feels. And the thing I love the most is it a clean and cruelty free product!

Fragrant bliss oil

Everyone I gave this oil sighed with delight after they smelled it and rubbed it on. Truly a perfect blend of scent and oils! Everyone always asks me what I scent I am wearing after they hug me. My grandchild always says " You always smell good Grandma." and that how she will remember me long after I'm gone because scent is one of the strongest memories. The scent for me relaxes me and and the properties of the oils have created a real and noticeable change in my skin.

the soleseife soaps are my fav

the texture, scent and color of this soap are divine. moisturizing. I use as fancy hand soap, daily.

for the Brontë obsessed

Smells deliciously earthy like the wild air Jane would breathe wandering the moors. Fantastic gift for a bookworm.


Super impressed. I like how I got this half priced, that’s better off used fresh. Smells really good!

first aid balm

love this! It’s a good size that will last a while. we all use this, good for the whole family.

if rose water and witch hazel had a gentle baby

bought this to try the suggested spritz before applying restore facial oil, unnecessary, but delightful. now I’m spraying it before my nightly enrich cream application and everything in between. smells subtle and yum. Will “need” to spray this all hot summer long.


I’ve been using the cleansing oil for over a year now! I just put in another order and thought why not write a review. I typically use it in the shower to remove stubborn waterproof mascara. Not only does it smell beautiful it does the job leaving my skin feeling hydrated. I love this product I highly recommend.


Smells amazing and gives a nice shimmer!


I am so in love with this mist! I currently have it in my psychotherapy office, and clients always comment on how good it smells. I love that it's not overwhelming, but it has a subtle strength that soothes, delights and rejuvenates. Magical alchemy!


I am obsessed with this mist! It is at once refreshing, beguiling, mystical and earthy. I will always have this on hand, and even took it to a spiritual retreat I went to recently in Tubac, Arizona as I cannot be without it.

Great product

Love this product! Smells great too! 🤩

Dre McCarn
I made all my roommates smell them!

I love love love these boxes! The dry body oil was so cool and the scent such a beautiful rose. The spray I already loved and was able to gift because the scent from the older one is still just as potent. The candles get better everytime and I am always in awe and this one was no different with the woodsy scent. Honestly my favorite thing was the artwork on the card.

Maia Rabinov
Wonderful, Health Giving, Self-care

I truly love this box of treasures. I look forward to each one. The body oil is great for this winter drying weather, the candles fill the room! I find them calming and centering. The room spray lives in the bathroom, what can I say? And I totally enjoy the soap as it brings a refreshing scent. Verdant Wild AKA Liz knows her way around scent! Such a gift♥️

Smells great and induces sleep

I love this balm. Not only does it smell lovely, it calms me down and helps me fall asleep.

new favorite face oil

definitely smells of carrots, subtle then fades. but I kinda like that. my replacement for my go to regular rose hip oil. i massage 2 pumps of it into my face and neck in the morning. love how it sinks in and doesn't stay on the skin surface.

Wonderful Product

I've been using this facial oil for several years now and love the way my skin feels after applying. It absorbs very quickly and leaves my skin very soft & not oily. I also use it on my hands & nails. I highly recommend this product.

SWEET & SALTY soleseife soap
pretty scent and pattern

I liked the subtle sent of this soap, the claylike harder texture, and the beautiful marbling.

BEE CLEAN face wash
Michelle Robelet
Bee CLean

This product is so gentle and soothing. I feel like I'm getting a spa treatment every time I wash my face with Bee Clean.
I'm giving it to my niece for Christmas!

hydrating yum scent

love this cream! I put it on at least once a day on my hands before I go to bed, the scent is calming. I have been needing it more and more with the dry season coming in and artist’s hands…I think this will save my skin this winter!

The best

I absolutely love this moisturizing bar, the scent, and the smoothness, but I love it even more because it has no packaging, no plastic, no waste! So great for traveling and camping.

gentle and yum

very gentle face wash. great for when my skin feels extra dry. like the natural smell. love the option to reorder without pump to save plastic!