Our Story

Our apothecary was founded in 2015, to fulfill your quest for nontoxic and accessible, yet effective botanical skin care products, and our offerings have now grown to include olive oil soaps and herbal remedies. Founder Elizabeth (Liz) Hodges pursues a lifelong study of herbalism; her favorite thing to do in her free time is to wander about hillsides, learning and identifying plants and fungi and daydreaming about what to make with them.

Liz spent her early childhood years on a 40-acre homestead in Washington State, following her mother around the garden, pasture, root cellar and kitchen. When she lost her mother to melanoma at a young age, she grew fond of her matrilineal kin in California and her aunt's farm in Santa Cruz, where she felt the connection with her mother most deeply. She moved to the area in 2006, harvesting lavender and bottling olive oil seasonally with her aunt for 10 years.

After getting her BA in Global Studies, it was during her first semester of studying International Environmental Policy in graduate school that Liz formulated her plan for Verdant. In the summer of 2013, she decided grassroots action was a better path for her than policy, so she took a leave of absence to tend to her garden, chickens and goats and started a homesteading blog, which was to grow into a platform for selling her products.

She has also written for Edible: Monterey Bay, served on the Slow Food Santa Cruz board, and contributed to the book Harvesting our Heritage: Bite-Sized Stories from Santa Cruz County History, published by the Santa Cruz MAH.

Now mobile, the Verdant Wild Apothecary was in Washington State for the summer, where Liz was able to sustainably wildcraft (forage) and, with her sister's help, grow some of the ingredients needed to continue bringing you quality, small-batch and seasonal herbal products. We are back in Santa Cruz currently, seeking to put down some roots!